ROM Hacks for Learning/Practice


Prac Hack v0.91 (2017-02-13) ->


- Warps and hardcoded savestates
- Shortened CS/dialogues (warp past the rest)
- Invisible fight-triggers marked by poyozo dolls (Blue Poyozo is inescapable)
- RNG gives sfx-feedback at end-of-battle (Success or Miss)
- Some enemies send you back to the start of the room, instead of fighting ->

List of helpful enemies
Jail Guards & Blueshields
Arris Bugs & Rats
Factory Buggers (on wall)
Knight Captain
Roly Bombers & Outlaws

How to Use:

1. Select+L/R to warp where you want to go, or visit Mayor's House in Truce
2. Select+A to load a hardcoded savestate (ONLY in warp rooms);
Select+B sets RNG w/o reloading room (also unlock some doors / lowers spikes)


TLDR v2.3 (2017-11-07) ->

Re-added text: Yakra skip, stealing from Jail guards, Arris rat stuff, inside Magic Cave & Guillotine room (where cycles are sensitive to text timing), and the LARA console.
"Invis Magus" is prob still an issue.

TLDR v2.2 (2017-06-13) ->

Text removed for all of the 100% speedrun route.
Candy scene also removed.
Fixed: corrupt "Dual Tech" string, and a corrupt item description (0xDE shared by Clone, Toma's Pop, Sunstone)
- these strings are the last strings in their groups, and need to be checked before each release

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