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2007-04-05 Inichi: 3:51:25 on SDA (3:34IGT)
2007-08-27 Inichi: EoT playaround, slime patterns
2007-09-04 Inichi: text skipping
2007-09-19 Inichi: Bird Skip
2007-10-07 Inichi: Fadeout, applies to Guardian,Zombor,Nizbel2
2007-10-09 Inichi: fadeout for Infocenter,Melchior,Kino (didn't want to use in TAS)
2008-01-08 Inichi: crit values
2008-02-16 Inichi: De-equip ("settles" the JP/US question)
2008-04-19 Inichi: the 2 elixirglitches (w/ menu glitch)
2008-05-31 Inichi: LSS!
2008-06-07 Inichi: Save-Anywhere, applies to Yack,Heck,Zomb,Tata,EoT
2008-10-07 Inichi: crit table
2009-xx-xx Inichi: data corruption, item dup, etc etc etc.. X)
2013-01-22 Obda: CT breakdown/routing streams (Bankaipwn document)
2013-01-24 Obda: glitches, tutorials
2013-02-xx Obda: 4:10
2013-02-11 Obda: SUB-4 (broken clip)
2013-xx-xx Obda: 3:45 (no VOD)
2013-xx-xx Obda: 3:44 (no VOD)
2013-04-13 Obda: 3:41
2013-04-28 Obda: 3:40
2013-xx-xx Obda: 3:37 (no VOD)
2013-06-08 Kilaye: RTA Double Elixir
2013-06-10 Kilaye: No-Grind route
2013-06-14 Kilaye: 3:32
2013-07-13 Kilaye: 3:26
2013-07-xx Obda: 3:19
2013-07-31 Obda: Magus RTA @ SGDQ bonus stream
2013-08-07 Kilaye: scripts Slash
2013-08-08 Kilaye: suggests scripting Opening
2013-08-12 Kilaye: double-elixir + script Nizbel&Magus
2013-08-18 Kilaye: 3:20
2013-08-23 Kilaye: full tutorial!
2013-08-31 Kilaye: 3:17
2013-08-20 Ottavino: new Zombor Skip
2013-12-25 Ottavino: 3:13 - zerk Bugger, 1-MT Masa (similar to present)
2013-12-25 Obda: practicing for AGDQ 2014
2014-02-19 Kilaye: no-save-corruption TAS WIP
2014-04-05 Adrian: starts routing JP
2014-04-08 Kilaye: Lavos Shell Skip in TAS WIP (1999-First)
2014-05-07 Cha0s: research "Future Skip" & LSS
2014-05-11 Cha0s: successful LSS w/ savestate!
2014-06-06 Otta new route in progress: script all of Reptite Lair -> End, including SD
2016-06-06 Red gives Otta a "future skip" route (sub Bluemail for Luminrobe)
2014-06-07 Adrian & Red theorize LSS route
2014-06-14 Adrian LSS marathon stream
2014-07-01 Red [starts on] JP tutorial
2014-07-20 Otta 3:03:30, explains RNG windows
2014-08-10 general: SRWatcher creates Leaderboard (
2014-08-xx general: meet-ups happen in Jerry's stream
2014-08-xx general: Reverse Bird skip (SW & Red)
2014-08-xx general: Jerry writes up Boss Notes
2014-xx-xx FF Relay race - Jenja (who else?)
2014-09-07 general: Skype group begins for Route work (Jerry, SW, DD, Red, Otta)
2014-09-07 general: Otta mentions Back-In-Time
2014-09-17 general: Blue Imps are coord-dependent!; work on LSS frames
2014-09-19 NoLSS: Obda sub 3:10
2014-09-21 100%: Otta 4:55,
2014-09-21 LSS: Red 1st LSS success on console! (JP, no states)
2014-09-22 general: trying to figure out RNG jump (Berserking is related?)
2014-09-29 LSS: Red's demo (breakthru = how to practice)
2014-10-01 general: Otta/Red remake Opening (TAS inspired), 19/19 Rider, new Yakra Skip menu
2014-10-03 general: Otta> Captain Skip (& safer Zombor) + new Heckran!!
2014-10-05 general: new Masa ending eliminates reload; DD's 3-Tap Cap
2014-10-05 general: Cha0s tutorial for #RPG Magus Race
2014-10-07 general: Red new Masa w/o slashes (no shelter), and Groupie fight (Shelter Skip)
2014-10-08 LSS: Cha0s attempts LSS on JP (gets it quick!)
2014-10/10 LSS: rerouting JP
2014-10-15 general: figured out RNG-jumping ("zombie-target")
2014-10-18 general: Red finish LLG playthru, prove triple-elixir (Crono,Frog,Crono)
2014-10-22 general: Red DOUBLE Frog-elixir
2014-10-31 #RPG Magus Race
2014-11-04 NoLSS: Magus 3:03:03
2014-11-08 general: Nihil finds door-bef-DTank troll
2014-11-24 NoLSS: Jerry 3:02:51
2014-11-30 NoLSS: trying a new final shell (Haste only C/A, not M/C/A)
2014-12-09 general: people asking about JP
2014-12-16 general: start some theory TASes; messing around with 100%
2015-01-01 Any%: Cha0s 3:41 (good zip @ 3:02)
2015-01-21 general: elixirglitch mash-load AND 0xD1 solved (no-reset Shell!)
2015-02-08 general: SW breaks down R-Series patterns
2015-02-16 general: start looking at AI, new Final Shell!!,
2015-02-17 NoLSS: Otta new L Zombor
2015-02-20 NoLSS: Red 3:06
2015-02-25 NoLSS: Red 2:58:59
2015-02-26 general: Will & Red talk load methods - idea for metronome
2015-03-13 general: Puwexil & Elmagus try zerk BT
2015-03-15 general: start Lua scripts (hitbox viewer)
2015-03-16 general: this Jackafur guy shows up
2015-03-19 100%: Puwexil skips Silverstuff
2015-03-20 Any%: Lua LSS-solver concludes nothing
2015-03-xx Any%: SW & Red trying to figure out EoTSA (US)
2015-03-23 general: better mash-load elixirglitch (Otta's P2 Frog)
2015-03-26 100%: Puwexil skips Silverstuff, idea also applies to JP
2015-03-27 LSS: 2300-first works
2015-03-30 Any%: (JP) skip D/E for Marle/Ayla/Lucca (sell 1 armor in total)
2015-04-01 Any%: RET SKIP?! (troll)
2015-04-05 LSS: Red 2:47 (JP); crew decides to get LSS working on US (DD, Jack, SW)
2015-04-06 LSS: Jack does first US LSS w/o states (w/ "Cha0s setup")
2015-04-08 Cha0s and Adrian join group
2015-04-10 general: Laserspin Juggler
2015-04-15 general: category discussion (Any%-JP not on the board yet); AE theorizing
2015-04-16 Any%: horizontal breakaway, DD's Stop method
2015-04-xx Any%: SW & Red work on Zerk Masa (US)
2015-04-17 Any%: Jack 3:03:52
2015-04-25 Any%: Jack 2:58:51… start TTASing to compare
2015-04-28 Any%: Jack 2:53… TTAS 2:23:05 (JP)
2015-05-03 Any%: TTAS 2:23:36 (US)
2015-05-05 Inichi: fastest-crash
2015-05-18 Any%: Jack 2:47 (US WR), GanD same day —- (AND Redscarlet streams CT-JP)
2015-05-23 Any%: Red 2:37 (JP)
2015-06-11 general: Red gets EoTSA strat (75%)
2015-06-12 general: coord science for Blue Imp, Masa
2015-06-20 100%: finish JP 100% trial run
2015-06-21 general: Red start AI doc, Blue Masa Spekkio bug (lol)
2015-07-25 Obda asks about Lifeline Lavos » AE work truly starts
2015-07-27 AE: grinding Eggs vs grinding Ruminators
2015-07-30 AE: Marle TP doubling - early Gato!
2015-08-05 AE: Red & Obda route draft
2015-08-08 AE: Red TTAS 6:55
2015-08-10 AE: Obda 8:23
2015-08-xx Adrian routes All Bosses
2015-08-xx SRL: weekly races, epic farm by Grondious
2015-08-31 Any%: Red 2:36 (US)
2015-09-xx general: looking for scripted backups (DTank, etc)
2015-10-20 NoLSS: Red 2:55
2015-10-23 Any%: Red 2:29 (JP)
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