Lua Scripts
Bizhawk 1.11
RNG Visualizer 2.0 Cronokirby, 2016-08-16
HP & ATB Viewer Cronokirby, 2016-06-19
Crit Viewer 2.0 Cronokirby, 2016-08-17
Wondershot Visualiser 2.0 Cronokirby, 2016-08-15
Elixir Glitch (test) Cronokirby, 2016-09-27
Snes9x 1.51-rr
INFOSCOPE (All-in-One) for Bizhawk AND Snes9x Redslash, 2016-09-02
old infoscope (w/ PC coords) for Snes9x only Redslash 2016-06-10

- finish snippet for combined Biz/9x scripts (will recognize which emu you're using)
- listing of specific functionality/code-blocks that have been made

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