Shoutouts: anime, Jerry & DD
Inichi, Obda, Kilaye, Ottavino,

Wait - Active has no use
Mem cursor - hold X

General Background
A light cone is a concept in four dimensional spacetime relating the temporal evolution of a flash of light. This can be visualized in 3-space if the two horizontal axes are chosen to be spatial dimensions, while the vertical axis is time. The light cone is constructed as follows. Taking as event p a flash of light (light pulse) at time t0, all events that can be reached by this pulse from p form the future light cone of p, whilst those events that can send a light pulse to p form the past light cone of p. The light cone in Chrono series discussion is used to describe the mere presence of a time traveler in the past. Even if a time traveler want back in time and immediately returned, the light cone of his presence would still change history, even if only on a subatomic level. However, it would only change history as far as a photon of light can travel in a given period of time.

CT is a tough platformer at times.
It's a unique RPG that can be completed with almost no grinding, even while avoiding most enemies and some bosses.
The randomness in battle is not too difficult to control. Takes the frame from file-select, 0-255 value, divides that into 16 windows

*Something I'd like everyone to ponder during the run:
*The first enemy most people encounter are the mushrooms leading to the castle.
*7 stars of Chrono Trigger are
- silent protagonist in the red top blue overalls
- the princess who runs from home
- one with the hammer and fireballs
- one with the claws and can throw our protagonist
- the doll with rocket hands (Sidequest is the Geno Dome)
- bad guy turned friend who raises ghosts to save his home

Category: the WW in ChTr is Lavos Shell Skip, which skips a major series of fights 15-20min, and sev min of prep with it

predictable scripting:
- cut down boss time
- less boss/PC moves = conserve HP/MP (efficiency)
De-equip: Less is More

RNG: time on file select;
- nothing you do can influence RNG except for Battles
- precise control for critical hits

magic pixel
pause buffer bird

"8-frame rule" (mash to make the 8-frame cycle)
simple explanation is that all objects loaded in a room are making checks for when you interact with them; some are tracking your coordinate so they can do some action from a distance

Rolyrider - zombie target
Nagaette - skip a spell

*chancellor held hostage by Mack / Yakra
*church/cathedral where you pick up hairpin near pews (queen's accessories)
*find the good guys in the vault for a -flowertab- powertab
*Yakra spear/needle-monster impersonates a mayor

Frog name: enter cathedral

Fadeouts - when you hit a door tile you can keep running, he might show it off
- Very game-breaking, the skips were known in 2008 but ObdaJr kicked it off routing in 2013
- You'll see more fades in the prison
Step on Savept sprite: sets the saving enabled flag
- but in order to Unset the flag, it's continuously check your coord to see if you're *not* on it
- Just unload the room without that happening
Yakra - save on trigger

RBS 0.5s load + Sword/Glove/Tabs => Jail
RBS (shoutout), use the bird sprite to line up

Judge - Cronokirby
The 2nd juror is decided by the frame you load the Courtroom
- (Gametime modulus 60)
- So he is decided right now, but we're about to reload the room

Fadeout: again, interrupting the door fadeout, he's carrying the transition with him into the room

First boss of the game (Level 3)~ DTANK's head heals and is immune to our techs, in fact it counters Cyclone with a heal
The wheels are counting down to run us over, devastating;
- the final attack will kill the wheel barely before it's 2nd turn
This attack is necessary because the body has a powerful laser counterattack if it's the last enemy standing
Lucca is de-equipped for these 2 Fire moves. De-equip does not affect the fire damage she receives

Still carrying RNG string, the next fight is after recruiting Robo,
Lots of fight-avoids, optimal platforming is v tough
Croco the rat

Arris: Bike-key bounty!!

Clue the developers knew about fadeout: default menu spawns a fight
In JP, rat that tells PW warns you about swapping controls

JOHNNY challenge
*we'll face this cyborg and his crew; it's actually faster to bounce on his head, about 100 times,
(but this is safer)

Wrecked Ship-ping center,
The side-rooms teach you the password but we already know it

Single enemy can screw up our Exp route by using firebreath on Crono or Lucca; reason for Revive
- Slimes, frame you enter room

RSeries 6

*elder gathers info from the world via this pipe system
*learn music, magic (run clockwise around the frog pond)
*here's the Monster Town
Don't want the cake? Probably raspberry
28-frame rule

*ride down this waterfall to collect silver treasures
Masa 8 - That was a nice mountain
scoundrel, moonwalk

*enemies from forest maze have immobilized the villagers (they spiked the soup)
*below the Forest Maze we jump in holes made by these bore beetles

Niz 11, Magus 14,
*You're a marshmallow Glenn - Tfw you're not a tadpole
*insurmountable wall leads into Mallow's quest (Magic Cave)
use mag to make these enemies disapp.; Frog's p impressed by that

*Ozzie's minions (magic and the other knives) - they're a couple of clowns
*(Kawaiso na Soyso-chan)
*booster's trap floor room; donkey kong ramps (with actual DK) (bowser's keep)
*finally Door 6 is another battle room but you can avoid them all

Greetings to Germany;
- for those of us drinking coffee during the run (greetings to Germany), here is your 1-min bathroom break (greetings to Germany)

*have to fly to volcano - dactyl bus
Tyran 16: "Ack. it's a snack attack"

The ultimate enemy- crashes down, destroys Robo's homeworld,
*and burrows beneath Magus' castle
*We won't be going as far as to see the ghostly factory appear

*above the volcano - Cloud Land where the beds are pretty comfy
*evil queen employs her kid to tend to the statues
disguises in cloud palace (prophet)
*poor Nu can't scratch his back, if only he was holding a fork
*plant the beanstalk
won't learn the Garo on MtWoe is the statue maker

Desert 17
*sand whirlpool beach with armored bugs

Visit 1000AD for the final time for a couple items:
Elixir, Bluemail, Greendream and Sightcap
- which prevents the effects of Chaostwitch
- we don't need our Robo
Greendream created over the last 400 years, unfortunately its 20 years yet before Chrono Cross takes place

Lavos (20/17/18)


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