There are only 3 things that affect RNG:

(1) Amount of time spent on the File Select screen
The RNG forms a 256-frame "timeline", which means on the File Select screen it is cycling about every 4 seconds.

(2) Getting into an encounter
The timeline is divided into 16 "windows" (they are really 8 pairs). When a fight initiates, the RNG jumps from your current window (the exact value doesn't matter) to a specific point in the next window. As such, there are only 16 starting RNG points for each fight.

(3) Actions in battle (Attacks and Techs/Magic, but not items)
Battle Actions generally increment RNG by 1 (for magic), or 2 (for physical), or sometimes by a few (for multi-target). NOTE: enemy movement can increment RNG by 1 as well (if moving spends their turn).

There are 2 known ways to jump RNG during battle:

  • "Zombie Target" - targetting an enemy that gets killed by a previous move (the game has to recalculate the target)
  • Berserker - each move by a berserked character is usually an RNG jump (maybe due to calculating target, but it happens in single-enemy fights)

Critical Hits
The exact ending value from the previous fight is the starting point of the Crit string. Once battle starts, nothing can change the Crit string.

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